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Kellyann Zuzulo, Director of Communication at the Jamaica Cancer Care & Research Institute (JACCRI), is a seasoned communications professional and former journalist, committed to elevating awareness about non-profit organizations through innovative marketing strategies. Former positions include the Director of Communications for the Center for Health Care Strategies, a Robert Wood Johnson foundation, and managing Media Relations for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Her focus is on creating and disseminating powerful messaging to advance organizational goals, through the strategic development of internal and external communications, public relations, and social media. 

Kellyann Zuzulo

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Benjamin Graeme, Director of Development at the Jamaica Cancer Care & Research Institute (JACCRI), is focused on generating awareness and resources in support of JACCRI’s mission. He is also founder and CEO of Jamaica Ingredients & Extracts, a CBD and natural product producer, and a co-founder and director of Hypha Wellness Jamaica Psilocybin. Benjamin’s mission is to develop highly profitable, efficient and sustainable businesses that take a holistic view of food and agriculture systems, recognizing the interconnectedness of the supply chain and identifying the economic, social, and environmental opportunities that come through those connections. His work with JACCRI underscores his interest in a comprehensive, scientific approach to health and wellness. He attended the Vancouver Film School and uses his camera to give voice and agency to underserved communities.

Ben Graeme

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